Ccm P.s.a. (the Helmet Song)

The Zambonis

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Hey Craig McTavish, you gotta lot of hair on your head.
But if you lose your balance, you just might end up dead.

But if you wear a helmet
you will be fine.
And if you wear a helmet
it'll be alright.

You can get a concussion from a hip, slash, illegal check.
And you know that means that your brain hit the side of your head.

Because you wear a shinpad,
so why stop there?
'Cause if you wear a helmet,
you can skate your next shift.

Even when I practice, I like to wear my helmet around.
(Why is that Pete?)
That way in the games I don't feel like it's slowin' me down.
(Now that makes sense.)

So I wear a helmet
and a cage too.
Yes I wear a helmet,
so should you.
(Put it on.)

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